Fullsun - Valencia - Spain


Valencia - Spain

10 kWp



Photovoltaic installations often enjoy a crazy view, just like the one built by our client FULLSUN (GRUPO CASLI) Y MICRON SOLUCIONES INTEGRALES, SL in Valencia, on a flat roof overlooking the sea.

The installation was possible thanks to the best supports for photovoltaic modules, those of the Connect Sun Ballast system, ideal for obtaining a system that is not only extremely resistant to wind actions, but also with a very limited roof weight – maximum 20-25 kg /m2 – due to its lattice conformation.

This shape is due to the ballasts connected to each other, a front ballast, a central one and a terminal one, which create a single solid and stable concrete block.

In addition, 30 kg weights with a “U” shape were used which are placed directly on the ballasts in some precise points defined by the technical office, to further increase wind resistance.

Excellent and quick and easy to install, the Connect system has made it possible to achieve the production needs requested by the customer with a photovoltaic system capable of producing up to 10 kWp of renewable energy.

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