Ferplant srl - Torino - Italy

Ferplant srl

Torino - Italy

500 kWp



Two of the fundamental characteristics that determine the quality of support structures for photovoltaic systems are lightness and wind resistance: two essential elements, especially when speaking of systems installed on flat surfaces. Whether it’s industrial buildings, single houses or condominiums, the loads present on the roof must in fact comply with very precise parameters, which guarantee the safety of the entire construction.

Resistance to atmospheric stress is also fundamental: the efficiency, productivity and duration of photovoltaic panels depend above all on the tightness of the structures and the stability they are able to guarantee to all the modules of the system.

The Sun Ballast Connect system was created to meet these important needs, combining lightness, resistance and high construction quality in a single solution. For this reason it is also often chosen for the construction of large plants: the one installed in Turin by our customer Ferplant srl reaches a good 500 KWp, and the Connect system – here with an inclination of 20° – ensures the highest level of reliability, safety and productivity . The ballasts are in fact interconnected in a single large collaborative grid, which allows the loads to be distributed on the roof in an extremely balanced way, guaranteeing a solid, efficient and long-lasting system.

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