Exergia S.R.L. - Polvica di Nola - Italy

Exergia S.R.L.

Polvica di Nola - Italy

229 kWp


One of the most commonly used roof coverings on the tops of industrial facilities is gravel: an economical and readily available material that provides surfaces with an excellent level of both de-watering and protection from weathering.

Given the widespread use of this type of roofing, Sun Ballast ballasts have been designed to easily adapt to gravel surfaces as well: in fact, the structures can be simply placed on the gravel, or – by making a very quick preventive operation – placed directly on the surface below the gravel. Not requiring any kind of fastening, the waterproofing of the roof is in any case guaranteed, and the laying of the ballasts takes place quickly and smoothly

Then, when the goal is to ensure a high and constant production throughout the day, Sun Ballast’s East-West system is the ideal solution: the system built by Exergia S.R.L. on this shed in Polvica di Nola (NA) exceeded 229 kWp of power, and thanks to the East-West 3°K system the energy generated is – in addition to being abundant – also well distributed. In fact, the photovoltaic panels are oriented in two different directions, and the exposure to solar radiation remains constant from sunrise to sunset.

A great advantage, which makes it possible to lighten storage systems while ensuring the best performance of the system and a decidedly professional aesthetic impact.

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