Energy Più S.r.l. - Pederobba - Italia

Energy Più S.r.l.

Pederobba - Italia

109.34 kWp



An impressive plant capable of producing up to 109.34kw of renewable energy made entirely with Sun Ballast Connect system  with 10 ° inclination that of our customer Energy Più S.r.l.
The ballasts of the Connect system are the ideal choice to create a stable system that is very resistant to the actions of the wind despite the low load on the roof.

In fact, thanks to the particular structure of this type of system, the rows of panels are all connected and integral with each other, so as to create a single large grid of panels and ballasts.
Furthermore, as you can see from the images, with Sun Ballast structures it is easy to create a system that takes into account the structural characteristics of the roof on which you choose to install them, managing to easily avoid all the obstacles and shadows present on the roof. coverage.

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