Energieautonom GmbH – AT - Austria

Energieautonom GmbH – AT


71.5 kWp

8° Est-Ovest°


When you want to optimize the efficiency of a photovoltaic system in conditions of non-optimal exposure, the east-west system is the right solutio.

In fact, this system allows the photovoltaic panels to be exposed to sunlight throughout the day, thus managing to improve the energy efficiency of the entire system.

For his 71.5 Kwp plant, our customer Energieautonom GmbH, used Sun Ballast with 8 ° inclination, but it is possible to obtain the same result also with other inclinations such as 3, 5 and 10 depending on the needs. of the customer.

In this case, the structures were joined together by means of a special joint plate which allows for greater stability and resistance to wind action, especially in areas such as the Austrian mountains particularly subject to this type of external stress.

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