Energie Netzwerk GmbH  - Zurich - Switzerland

Energie Netzwerk GmbH

Zurich - Switzerland

314 kWp


Switzerland is well known, has a decisive step towards the ecological transition and every public structure is equipped where possible with photovoltaic systems, as in this waste water treatment plant in the municipality of Zurich.
A beautiful and impressive installation created by our customer Energie Netzwerk GmbH on a green roof on which we have chosen to arrange the ballasts with an 11 ° inclination with an east-west orientation in order to guarantee a continuity of production throughout the day and not only during the hottest hours.
This type of system, easy to install without drilling the roof, is very resistant to the wind thanks to its arrangement which prevents the sail effect of the photovoltaic panels. Thanks to this type of installation, our customer was able to achieve a production of about 314 kWp of clean energy.

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