Energiapartner - Daugavpils, Latvia


Daugavpils, Latvia

377 kWp



Even in Northern Europe, auto-generation of electricity from photovoltaic systems is an increasingly concrete and widespread reality, and – in addition to those realized on houses and residential buildings – active installations on industrial warehouses and commercial establishments are also growing fast.

In fact, the possibility of reducing and stabilizing energy costs is a great opportunity for companies, and this installation carried out in Latvia by our client Energiapartner has made it possible to produce more than 377 kWp of clean energy in full autonomy.

This is a great achievement, made even more sustainable by the use of Sun Ballast support systems: by combining both ballast and support functions in one simple solution, Sun Ballast systems in fact make it possible to reduce installation time by more than 30 percent, ensuring operators a much simpler, quicker and trouble-free installation and reducing overall implementation costs.

The combined use of the Connect 15° system and the East-West 15° system then offered numerous advantages: by uniting all the structures into a single interconnected grid, the Connect system (present on a large part of the roof) in fact allows loads to be distributed in an extremely balanced way, while ensuring a very high level of wind resistance, even in the most intense gusts.

The East-West system-installed on one of the sides of the building, on the other hand-allowed for the best possible optimization of the entire available surface area, ensuring high and constant energy production throughout the day and maximum end-customer satisfaction.

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