Energiapartner - Tallin - Estonia


Tallin - Estonia

55.8 kWp


For our reliable and professional client Energia Partner, who had a large flat roof of an industrial warehouse at his disposal and had the objective of creating a photovoltaic system that could produce constant energy throughout the day and not only in during the hottest hours, the Sun Ballast technical office chose our East-West system as the most suitable solution.

In fact, thanks to the structures with double orientation, the panels, with this system, can be installed adjacent to each other without leaving space between one row and another and thus also optimizing the available installation area.

Furthermore, wind tightness at high levels is ensured, the shoulder-to-shoulder position of the modules avoids the sail effect by not allowing air to enter the openings behind and this feature makes it a particularly suitable system for installations in marine areas or on the roofs of condominiums and very high buildings.

With the panels exposed on both sides, the achievement of production needs is guaranteed, as for the plant in question which is capable of donating up to 55.8 kwp of renewable energy to our planet.

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