Energia Spa - Albavilla - Itay

Energia Spa

Albavilla - Itay

300 kWp



From the point of view of energy productivity, the potential of large industrial plants is truly remarkable: the extensions of the available surfaces are often decidedly large, and using simple and modular support structures it is possible to use the space in the most effective way, optimizing the overall efficiency of the photovoltaic system and ensuring maximum satisfaction of the final customer.

The installation carried out on this large industrial building in Albavilla – in the province of Como – reaches a good 300 kWp of power, and our customer Energia Spa was able to build the plant as quickly as possible: the East-West 10° system by Sun The ballast used on this surface in a sheath has in fact guaranteed great ease of use during installation, and the possibility of easily modulating the shape of the rows – completely eliminating the distance between them – has made it possible to optimize space management and the production efficiency of the plant.

Thanks to the dual orientation, the East-West system of Sun Ballast also makes it possible to distribute energy generation throughout the day: exposure to solar radiation is in fact constant from sunrise to sunset, and the level of efficiency achieved from the plant guaranteed the maximum sustainability of the investment, both financially and from an environmental point of view.

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