Elettrica Andreoli  - Savignano sul panaro, Italy

Elettrica Andreoli

Savignano sul panaro, Italy

6 kWp



Versatility is one of the fundamental characteristics of Sun Ballast systems and it is particularly so for the structures of the Standard system. In fact, the structures of this system can be used individually or arranged in rows, skipping rows, bypassing obstacles and positioned with different types of exposure, even in East-West mode.

Their versatility allows you to easily avoid fireplaces, skylights, air conditioners, etc., and in the case of parapets or shaded areas on the roof, they can be moved or raised in height while maintaining the same inclination. All these characteristics convinced our customer Elettrica Andreoli to choose the system which, thanks to its use, has managed to create a system that can produce up to 6kw of clean energy. 

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