Bio solare 3 SrL - Frosinone - Italy

Bio solare 3 SrL

Frosinone - Italy

6 kWp



Industrial roofs and residential terraces, but not only: Sun Ballast structures are also perfect on flat surfaces such as car parks and squares, and the type of roofing is never a problem; in fact, the absence of fixing holes makes the installation of ballast quick and easy in all situations, reducing installation times by over 70% and guaranteeing maximum flexibility for operators.

From this point of view, the Sun Ballast Standard system is a true reference: available in a wide range of inclinations – from 0° to 30° –, this solution allows you to freely adjust the distance between the rows and their length, giving the possibility to better manage both the shading and any obstacles present on the surface.

The 6 kWp photovoltaic system that you see in the photos was built in Frosinone by our customer Bio Solare 3 using the 30°.1 version of the Standard system: the surface did not require any type of intervention, and the installation took place quickly and without a hitch.

The construction quality of the Sun Ballast systems also ensures maximum resistance to all the stresses deriving from atmospheric events, and guarantees a solid, long-lasting system that is resistant to any type of corrosion, even when positioned on the ground.

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