BG IMPIANTI - Noto - Italy


Noto - Italy

25 kWp


Is it possible to create a wind-resistant photovoltaic system without placing too much weight on the roof? Yes, by choosing Sun Ballast Connect System which, thanks to its particular structure consisting of three ballasts connected to each other, allows to obtain a support structure for solar panels that is light but highly resistant to the actions of the wind. In this specific case, our customer BG Impianti used the Connect system with 15 ° inclination to create this installation, a perfect system that can be installed on any type of flat surface.

The ballasts of Connect system, as well as all the Sun Ballast structures do not need to drill the roof to be installed, this allows not only a 70% saving in terms of time but also to preserve the structure from possible water infiltrations. In this case, the result was a well-made, orderly, efficient and productive plant

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