AZIMUT 360 SCCL - Sabadell - Spain


Sabadell - Spain

20.16 kWp



In urban contexts it is very common to encounter buildings with flat roofs, and the installation of photovoltaic systems on these surfaces is increasingly widespread. In fact, the available spaces are often quite large, and with the help of competent and professional technical support, it is possible to create efficient, productive and high-quality systems.

For this reason, the Sun Ballast technical office offers precise and punctual assistance to all installers, providing them with clear and well-detailed technical documentation every day and constant support right from the early stages of installation.

After discussions with our technical service, and with the aim of obtaining a solid, light and resistant rig, our Spanish customer Azimut 360 SCCL chose the Sun Ballast 10° Connect system, guaranteeing a production of 20.16KWp of clean energy in total safety.

The Connect system is in fact made up of three types of ballast: an initial one, one for the central rows and a final one. In this way a single network of interconnected ballasts is created, in which the rows of modules are all connected to each other in a single and very solid support structure.

The wind and system load are thus distributed uniformly and balanced over the entire roof surface, guaranteeing a solid, safe and reliable installation.

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