What does it mean to be a Sun Ballast distributor with a Sales account?

In recent years we have witnessed an exponential growth of the entire photovoltaic sector and Sun Ballast is not far behind. Our trend for almost 10 years is always growing and shows no sign of stopping. Thanks to continuous training and the constant study of new solutions, we are able to intercept the needs of our customers and respond with new and innovative products.

Over the years we have managed to reach increasingly distant borders, starting from the national territory we have also arrived in Mexico, the United States and New Zealand and many other countries.

This is also thanks to the increasingly large network of distributors present throughout Europe.

But what are the advantages of those who choose to become a Sun Ballast distributor with a Sales account?

Our main goal is to give you the opportunity to offer your customers an absolutely innovative product, of the highest quality and guaranteed 25 years with a constantly growing demand on the market.

We will put at your disposal our extensive experience in the sector as well as all the necessary tools to distribute our products.

You can take charge of our products for sale without a preventive economic investment. Zero risk and zero expense, only advantages. You will therefore have access to all the products in the Sun Ballast catalog and not only:

  1. We will send directly to your warehouse the desired material and we will select with you the best and most requested inclination by customers in your area;
  2. You will not be charged any transport costs; we will cover the costs whenever you want to request material;
  3. You can make the payment of the goods after 30 days from the actual sale;
  4. We will send you all the quotes received in your area of competence and we will support you from a technical point of view.You can also chooseto manage the estimates yourself or to be supported by one of our sales representatives referring to our price for
  5. You will have the security of being the only distributor, within a radius of 300 km, to have Sun Ballast products ready for delivery.


What Else Can We Do for You?

  1. Webinar:

We will organize, in collaboration with you, training and technical webinars for your customers. We will use the Gotowebinar platform to do this, which allows users of the content to actively participate in the discussion.

A great way not only to train and inform your customers, but also to put them in touch with company professionals and create a moment of exchange in which you can solve any dubs

2. Social:

We will publish posts dedicated to the collaboration between Sun Ballast and you who are a distributor of our products, on all our corporate channels.

3. Newsletter:

We will send to our database the communication of the partnership between you who choose the method of the sales account and Sun Ballast sreporting the immediateavailability of material in the specific point of sale. In addition to sending, it to our Database, we will also prepare a shipment for your sales network.

4. Information material and Gadgets

We will send you Brochures, within which you will find a complete catalog of all Sun Ballast structures, their peculiarities and the best ways of use,  and other Sun Ballast gadgets  for all your locations.


With Sun Ballast structures you can become the reference point for many, installers and designers, looking for an innovative system designed specifically to meet their needs and you will also benefit from it.

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