Good entrepreneurship is good for the planet

No enterprise is an island: everything is an active part of society, the world, and the environment.

Those who create and lead it are responsible for improving all three: society, the world and the environment.

Maurizio, the founder of Sun Ballast, lives his life as an entrepreneur like an adventure, determined to follow his dream of being an example for other entrepreneurs and employees, supporting the social fabric of the local community.

This is an ambition he has had since he was a child, writing reports about world peace in school. Now, with his dedication and hard work, his dream is becoming reality.


Benefit Company: The Evolution of our Vision

With Sun Ballast, founded in 2012 and today a leading manufacturer of structures for photovoltaic systems, Maurizio hopes to make a real contribution and make his mark on the clean energy industry, creating opportunities for the planet and for future generations.

His philosophy as a team leader and decision-maker can be summed up in one simple sentence: “Doing the right thing helps create the future”.

Doing the right thing means respecting and promoting good behaviour, people, and the environment.

Since its inception, Sun Ballast has carried out small social projects – which have grown considerably over time – by collaborating with a large group of associations, local and otherwise.

A major step forward came in 2021, one that had already been in Maurizio’s plans but needed time and awareness to become something tangible.

Two years ago, in fact, the paperwork began on a major corporate change: the process that will officially make Basic S.r.l. a Benefit company in 2023.

Creating values to inspire people, bringing benefits to the environment and the land

When a company decides to play an active role in society, it makes a commitment to its employees, as well as to the people and associations involved.

Sun Ballast not only wants to benefit the small group of people who share its spaces and goals on a daily basis, but intends to expand its outreach as broadly as possible.

We want to spark a virtuous cycle of small and large institutions near and far, generating change for people and companies alike.

We want to do this by adopting a transparent and accountable policy, developing projects in the public interest that propose a new way of living.

Sustainability, environmental protection and our impact as human beings are themes that have always been part of our DNA, inspiring our products and industrial policy,

Within the company, Sun Ballast strives to bring those of different backgrounds together in conversation, so that knowledge and coexistence can mitigate conflicts and differences.

In addition, our employees must experience the company dynamics with serenity and a sense of belonging, feeling that they are key players in Sun Ballast’s vision. We constantly create opportunities for employees to meet and interact outside of the regular workplace environment, encouraging a sense of empathy and cooperation that far too many companies lack.


For a better world

Just as in personal life, in the life of a business, growing up means taking on new and greater responsibilities, perceiving the importance and perspective of our steps forward.

Becoming a Benefit company means just that for us: achieving illustrious goals not only at the corporate level, but expanding success and growth outside the company.

Because changing our own worlds and improving ourselves already means changing the world as a whole.

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