A good design to arrive prepared on site

Those who work in our sector, that of photovoltaics, know that there is a golden rule: the time spent listening and understanding the customer’s needs in the preliminary phase saves time and money in the subsequent steps.

For this reason, Sun Ballast® Technical Office has always offered a free technical consultancy service to those who ask for a quote or to those who decide for the first time to know and use our products.

The technical support allows you to identify any needs regarding the design, positioning of the panels and sizing from the outset, so as to speed up and facilitate the subsequent phases, in particular the installation of the systems.

After listening to the client’s needs and evaluating the work, it is necessary to provide the right documentation to support the suitability, compliance and safety of the works carried out or to be carried out.

All our reports are consistent and compliant with the main indications present in the international panorama of technical-scientific standards and recommendations regarding the actions and effects of wind on buildings. In this phase, the most important issues are the sizing of the ballast and the wind resistance checks of the elements that make up our system.

A fundamental aspect of our work is to give due importance, in addition to the system, to the characteristics of the roof, the building and the context in which it is located.

These are the normative documents considered as terms of reference when carrying out the reports:

  • Ministerial Decree 17/01/2018 – “Technical standards for constructions”
  • Circular 21 January 2019, n.7 C.S.LL.PP. – Instructions for applying the update of the “Technical standards for construction” “referred to in the ministerial decree of 17 January 2018
  • CNR-DT 207/2008 – Instructions for assessing the actions and effects of wind on buildings
  • Eurocode 1, UNI ENV 1991-2-4

For this reason, Sun Ballast has, within its office, a qualified architect able to certify with stamp and signature its relations and structures.

That of the architect within the company is a figure of the utmost importance, as Sun Ballast®, a patented product that satisfies a particular market segment.

Sun Ballast® experience and professionalism allow to identify the best technical economic solution by providing complete, simple and quality reports.

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