Wallner Elektrotechnik GmbH - Austria

Wallner Elektrotechnik GmbH


40 kWp



105 Modules for a total of 40 kwp of clean energy, this is the PV plant realized by our customer Wallner Elektrotechnik GmbH in Austria thanks to the versatility and resistance of the Standard Sun Ballast system with an inclination of 20°.

Versatility is in fact one of the main features of the Standard system, easy and simple to install it fits perfectly to any flat surface: gravel, green roof, sheath, concrete etc. It is not necessary to drill holes to fix the ballast to the cover so installation times are drastically reduced and also possible to avoid unpleasant infiltration of water.

It is possible to notice the great versatility of the Sun Ballast ballast also by the fact that it is extremely easy to avoid any obstacles on the roof simply by interrupting the rows in the presence of antennas, fireplaces and skylights.

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