VIVISOLAR - Settimo San Pietro - Italy


Settimo San Pietro - Italy

15 kWp


Building a solid and productive photovoltaic system requires many skills, and ensuring the installation the highest quality means being able to compare with the many variables involved: from the calculation of the winds to the sizing, type of surface, selection of modules and choice of support structures.

The latter element is often one of the most important: the stability of the system and its resistance to wind depend on the mounting systems, and features such as reliability, longevity, safety and efficiency are directly related to the quality of the structures.

This is why Sun Ballast solutions have been a true benchmark in the industry for over ten years: made with first choice materials and designed to ensure maximum simplicity in all situations, Sun Ballast ballasts ensure quick installation on any type of surface, even on the most delicate as sheaths and floors.

For his last 15 kwp plant built in Settimo San Pietro – a stone’s throw from the Sardinian capital – our customer VIVISOLAR has adopted the Sail 5 system by Sun Ballast. , placing the modules vertically and reducing the distance between the rows to zero.

Finally, the stability of the system was ensured by the integration of two accessories: the additional U” weights and the innovative Cablowind system. Developed to perform both the additional weight and the channel function, this system allows the load to be distributed evenly over the entire roof, while offering the possibility to house the cables in a clean and organized way, for an even more professional end result.

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