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Sunke Instalaciones SL - La Roca del Vallès - Spain

Sunke Instalaciones SL

La Roca del Vallès - Spain

100 kWp



“High performance and very easy to assemble,” to quote the comment that our customer Sunke Instalaciones SL made about our fastening structures for Sun Ballast photovoltaic panels, after having built a photovoltaic plant with our ballasts.

For this plant, on a wide roof covered in sheathing, the Connect system at an inclination of 10° was chosen. This is the ideal system for building a solid, efficient and wind-resistant solar plant on surfaces that do not present major space limitations, while maintaining a minimal weight load on the roof.

Its “lattice” structure of three concrete ballasts, one in front, one in the middle and one in back, allows weight to be distributed evenly over the roof to achieve these limited loads.
Additional U-shaped weights have been added to the ballasts for this installation. These weights are simply placed on the supports, not permanently affixed, and serve to increase the plant’s wind resistance.

This unique and stable system with a large number of advantages enabled the construction of this plant, capable of producing up to 100 kWp of renewable energy.

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