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Genève - Swiss

6.4 kWp



The photos of this photovoltaic system are able to fully appreciate Sun Ballast’s ability to provide supports for flat roofs for all needs. In this installation, our customer Sunenergy-suisse was able to maximize the available space thanks to the 3 ° ballast.

This type of ballast is ideal in the presence of low parapets where there are no shading problems and therefore there is no risk of making the photovoltaic panels less productive.

Furthermore, structures with a height between 0 ° and 3 ° can also be the best solution if you want to make the system less impactful, from an aesthetic point of view, on the surrounding landscape and ideal in all those areas where there are constraints. landscaping, or rules designed to protect the landscape and / or buildings that have an environmental and / or historical value.

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