Soltea - Bayonne, France


Bayonne, France

70 kWp



A spectacular installation was realized by our customer Soltea in France. Four different buildings house four different systems that can produce a total of 70 kwp of renewable energy. All systems were built with the ballasts of the Standard system with an incline of 15 °. From the pictures it is easy to understand the practicality and versatility of this type of system, which allows you absolute freedom in the positioning of the photovoltaic modules and easily bypasses any obstacles and / or shading on the roof. The tall parapets and numerous obstacles on the flat roof of these buildings could be an obstacle to installing a traditional system, but they are not to Sun Ballast. The ability to install the modules independently or in small groups is a great advantage of the standard system and for this reason it is the most widely used among our systems. Another advantage is the easy installation on all types of roof coverings, it is even easy to place our ballasts even on surfaces covered with gravel, as in this case, since the ballasts do not have to be attached to the roof, they are simply put back.

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