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Solarvolt - Santeramo in colle - Italy


Santeramo in colle - Italy

6.4 kWp



When choosing support structures for photovoltaic modules, the speed of installation is certainly one of the fundamental criteria, and is directly connected to another important factor: simplicity.

A simple, high-quality and easy-to-assemble structure will also ensure a quick, smooth and smooth installation, saving both time and overall costs for the end customer. That’s why for this 6.4 kwp system our customer Solarvolt has chosen the Standard 10 system, like all Sun Ballast structures, the Standard also does not require any fixing to the surface, and already has inside the threaded bushings to which to fix staples and panels.

The Standard system also allows you to adjust with maximum flexibility the distance between the rows, effectively and easily managing all the available spaces and avoiding any obstacles on the cover.

For this installation – realized in Santeramo in Colle (Bari) -, thanks to the versatility of the Sun Ballast structures the assembly took less than half of the time that would have been used using traditional supports: the result is a solid system, resistant and quickly installed, easily respecting the construction times agreed with the customer.

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