SolarOne Gmbh - Willisau - Switzerland

SolarOne Gmbh

Willisau - Switzerland

6.84 kWp



Our client SolarOne Gmbh wanted to install a photovoltaic system on a small, flat roof covered with gravel, with a number of chimneys scattered across the surface. For this project, the Sun Ballast Technical Department selected our East-West system as the most suitable solution that would offer maximum efficiency.

In this system, due to its structure with double-oriented ballasts, the panels can be placed adjacent to each other without leaving gaps between the rows of panels. This not only optimizes the space but also, given the panels’ close positioning, improves wind resistance.

The East-West system is also ideal for guaranteeing constant energy production throughout the whole day, capturing every ray of sun until it disappears below the horizon, not only at the brightest hours of midday: this is possible because the panels are exposed on both sides.

The versatility, production optimization and ability to circumvent roof obstacles this system offers allowed our client to build a plant with a capacity of up to 6.84 kWp.

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