Solar Projekt - Šibenik - Croatia
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Solar Projekt

Šibenik - Croatia

150 kWp



A photovoltaic system on a flat roof that adapts to the space available, the orientation of the building, the roof and the obstacles present is possible thanks to the use of support ballasts for photovoltaic modules by Sun Ballast.

The East-West system with 10° inclination is in fact the answer to all these needs: composed of ballasts in single rows placed shoulder to shoulder with an east-west orientation, it is capable of optimizing space by recovering the area usually left free for shading between the different rows of panels and to produce energy constantly throughout the day and not only during the hottest hours.

Furthermore, it is quite versatile, in case of obstacles such as fireplaces, skylights or any other element present, it is possible to interrupt the lines and avoid them in a simple and fast way. Sun Ballast systems are not fixed to the ground, therefore installation times are reduced by up to 70%.

A grandiose 150 kwp photovoltaic system of clean energy was the result of the installation in Croatia, perfect for satisfying the production needs of our customer SOLAR PROJEKT.

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