Solalpes Energie SA, - Switzerland

Solalpes Energie SA,


10 kWp

5° Vela

Our client Solalpes Energie SA has built a beautiful domestic installation on the flat roof of a villa in Switzerland thanks to the Sun Ballast Sail system.

The aim of this system is to achieve maximum energy efficiency by taking up as little space as possible in the roof. Although in this case the saving of space may not seem the principal reason, the choice of Sail system is certainly not random, but it is the most suitable choice to achieve the desired production objectives taking into account the needs of the customer not to occupy all the available surface. The Sail System, like all other Sun Ballast systems, is very easy to install on any surface even when it is covered with gravel as in this installation.

The Sun Ballast ballasts do not need to be drilled and fixed to the cover but simply place them. Simple and fast to install and also super resistant!

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