Solaire Corse - Corbara - France

Solaire Corse

Corbara - France

9 kWp



What does the efficiency of a photovoltaic system depend on? The performance of the panels certainly represents an important factor, but – recited a famous commercial – power is nothing without control: the productivity of an installation in fact depends above all on the ratio between the available surface area and the generated power, i.e. on the ability to exploit better all the space on the cover.

This is why the Sun Ballast Standard system is a real guarantee: its great flexibility allows installers to easily adjust both the length of the rows and the distance between them, making obstacle management extremely simple and fast; moreover, since it did not require any fixing holes, the installation of the system took place in total safety, avoiding any risk of damage to the sheath cover.

The one built by Solaire Corse in Corbara en Haute Corse was mounted on a decidedly irregular roof: the shape of the perimeter and the presence of numerous obstacles such as low walls and chimneys made it necessary to use a flexible and easily modular support structure, and the Standard – here in the 15° version – turned out to be truly perfect: in addition to guaranteeing high wind resistance, this solution made it possible to optimize all spaces, ensuring a solid, efficient and productive system.

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