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SMV Energy  - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

SMV Energy

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

28.5 kWp



The Connect system : easy to assemble, lightweight but also incredibly resistant. Despite there is no need to fix it to the cover is the best solution when there are no problems with space available on the roof and you need more stability of the system. The Connect system is a fixing structure for photovoltaic panels incredibly efficient thanks to its particular configuration with three ballast that creates a grid of panels joined together but this is not a reason for it to not be a flexible system.

As you can see from the photos, our customer SJV Energy Ltd, had no problems in the construction of the plant despite the numerous obstacles present on the roof. It is extremely easy to interrupt the rows of panels where necessary, to avoid fireplaces, skylights and shading. Thanks to this solution, realized in agreement with the technical office Sun Ballast, it has been possible to realize a system able to produce up to 28.5 kwp of renewable energy.

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