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Sipro Energy srl - Arcore - Italy

Sipro Energy srl

Arcore - Italy

24.6 kWp



Moving towards a more “green” approach to energy production is never a bad idea, and even a terrace or loft can be a great place to install a solar power system.
When installing a photovoltaic system on this type of roof, which is often covered with tiles, it’s crucial to take care to preserve it and avoid as much structural damage as possible, to guard against unpleasant water infiltration. This makes Sun Ballast ballasts particularly suitable: they can be installed without drilling any holes in the roof and are supplied with special protective sheaths specifically designed to prevent damage and slippage.

Our customer Sipro Energy Srl has built this plant: despite its small size, it is capable of producing 24.6 kWp using the ballasts of the  sail-shaped system with an inclination of 5°.

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