Siper impianti - Monza Brianza - Italy

Siper impianti

Monza Brianza - Italy

19 kWp



The ballasts of the Connect 10° Sun Ballast system were chosen and used by our customer Siper Impianti for the construction of a photovoltaic system on a flat roof covered with sheathing.

The particular lattice arrangement of the concrete elements in the Connect system, consisting of a front ballast, a central and a terminal, make it an ultra-resistant system, with a wind resistance exceeding 150 km/h. Furthermore, due to its shape, the load on the roof remains limited as the weight is distributed evenly over the entire surface and not only on specific points.

The fact that the ballasts are linked to each other, however, does not translate into reduced versatility, as in the event of obstacles it is very easy to interrupt the rows and not position the panels, just as you can see in the photos of the reference photovoltaic system.

In addition, along with being versatile, it is also quick and easy to install, does not require holes in the roof and is simply placed on the surface – these are great advantages compared to traditional systems on the market since, as in this case, the sheathed roof and its waterproofing and protective properties remain unaltered.

The result is a resistant, efficient and versatile photovoltaic system, capable of producing up to 19 kWp of green energy.

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