SICEP Sarl - Laguépie - France


Laguépie - France

6 kWp



Sun Ballast provided its ballasts for the construction of a beautiful photovoltaic system on a flat surface covered with sheathing.

In agreement with the Sun Ballast Technical Department, our client SICEP Sarl selected the Connect system for its installation. This system’s special lattice structure gives it a wind resistance up to 150 km/h, a value verified and certified through special laboratory tests.

The Connect system support, thanks to its special structure, offers an even distribution of weight on the roof evenly while maintaining a maximum weight of 20-25 kg/sqm, including the weight of the panels.

Those are two of the main advantages of this system, but not the only ones; other factors to be considered are its easy and fast installation, which can dramatically lower the cost per KW.

In this specific case, to prevent wear and tear of the sheathing already present on the roof, special sheathing provided by Sun Ballast was inserted under the ballasts. The result? A photovoltaic plant that is not only very sturdy but also highly efficient, capable of producing up to 6 kWp of renewable energy.

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