Seferi Impianti Srl - Parma - Italy

Seferi Impianti Srl

Parma - Italy

15 kWp



Skylights, chimneys, and antennas can hinder the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof of a building. With Sun Ballast support structures, they do not present a problem at all.

In fact, on the flat roof of a condominium, covered in sheathing and with a number of obstacles scattered across the surface, a photovoltaic system was installed with no trouble thanks to our Standard System with a 5° inclination. The Standard system boasts a wide range of inclinations, from 0° to 35°, and can be considered the most versatile of all our systems. It allows the panels to be arranged quite freely, with the option to interrupt rows at any time to circumvent obstacles present on the roof.
In addition, the surface underneath remained intact thanks to the use of the special pieces of sheathing provided by Sun Ballast to prevent damage to the roofing.

Our client Seferi Impianti Srl, thanks to the support of our Technical Department and our versatile and durable systems, was able to quickly and easily build an efficient photovoltaic system capable of producing up to 15 kWp of renewable energy.

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