PhotoSolar-photovoltaic equipment - Germany

PhotoSolar-photovoltaic equipment


45 kWp


A 45 kwp renewable energy plant was created thanks to the ballasts of the Sun Ballast systems which guarantee stability, versatility and speed of installation, reducing installation times by up to 70%.

In particular, for the construction of this photovoltaic system in Germany, near a railway station, our technical office has chosen to exploit the modularity of the Standard system of Sun Ballast.

In fact, the Standard system is considered the most versatile of all since it makes it possible to lay the panels very freely, so as to be able to adapt to the available space while avoiding any shading or obstacles such as fireplaces and skylights that may be present.

The cover, in sheath, remains intact and the protective and waterproofing properties remain unaltered with our ballasts that do not require fixing holes and are simply placed, this prevents damage or injury and makes installation much simpler and faster as well as maintenance.

A set of features and advantages that have allowed our customer PhotoSolar-photovoltaic equipment to create a beautiful, productive and efficient photovoltaic system.

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