Oro Technologies SA - Cossonay - Swiss

Oro Technologies SA

Cossonay - Swiss

10.56 kWp



The ballasts of the East-West system are the perfect choice to achieve maximum energy even in conditions of bad orientation of the building. The double exposure of the panels allows the panels to capture the sun’s rays from sunrise until sunset and not just at a specific time of the day.
The structures of the ballasts, positioned shoulder to shoulder, also allow for a greater stability of the entire system, making it less likely that the panels will overturn in bad weather.
But that doesn’t mean they are less versatile than other systems, as you can see from the photos: in fact, it is easy to interrupt the rows of panels in the presence of any type of obstacle. Thanks to this system our customer Oro Technologies SA has managed to realize a photovoltaic installation capable of producing up to 10.56kW of renewable energy.

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