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Cittadella - Italy

4.8 kWp



Whether they are very large or small, tiled or covered with gravel, with Sun Ballast all flat surfaces become useful and productive.

The 4.8 kWp photovoltaic system installed by MC ENERGIE S.r.l. in Cittadella (PD) it was mounted on the roof of an apartment building: thanks to the simplicity of the Sun Ballast systems, it was possible to design and carry out the installation very quickly, guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction and compliance with construction times.

In fact, the ballasts do not need to be fixed to the ground and are simply placed on them, even in the case of gravel roofs often found in residential contexts; in these areas it may also happen that the surfaces available are not very large and that the exposure of the building is not optimal: also in these cases Sun Ballast offers simple and effective solutions, such as the 10° East-West system that you see in the picture.

This is the perfect system to make the most of the available space, even when the orientation is not ideal or when there is shading. The space between the panels is in fact completely eliminated, and the arrangement of the modules in an East-West direction allows the total exposure time to be significantly increased, making the production of energy constant throughout the day.

The result is a solid, quality system that is quick to design and easy to install.

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