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Instech Nord - Barcelona - Spain

Instech Nord

Barcelona - Spain

10.8 kWp



Sun Ballast structures adapt perfectly to a multitude of different coverage characteristics.
They are wind resistant, easy to handle and realized in different shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of the panel, the roof and the installation area. The panels used for the construction of this plant, longer than usual, needed a larger support than standard. After careful evaluation by the Sun Ballast technical office and in agreement with our customer Instech Nord, we decided to use the ballasts of the Standard system of type 10°L, much larger than the classical ballast of the Standard system.

The installation, as you can see from the photos, was set up on a flat paved roof. Sun Ballast ballasts are ideal for installations on this type of surface because they do not need to be fixed to the surface and therefore avoid damage and any holes that could lead to unpleasant water infiltration. To further protect the roof, appropriate protective sheaths were also used.

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