Impiantistica Bandinu Srl - Sanluri - Italy

Impiantistica Bandinu Srl

Sanluri - Italy

20 kWp


Installing a photovoltaic system on the flat roof of an industrial hall is a huge advantage both in terms of economic and environmental factors. But sometimes industrial buildings can have significant characteristics that must be evaluated during installation.
In this specific case, for example, our customer Impianti Bandinu Srl had to install the photovoltaic system on a completely sheathed surface, a very common feature when it comes to industrial buildings, which also had characteristics that were important to preserve.
In fact, the sheath is often used as a coating to protect the roof and make it more waterproof, so it is particularly important not to drill into it when proceeding with the installation of the photovoltaic system. The Sun Ballast supports are perfect because it is not necessary to drill any holes on the support surface. This makes them very suitable for this particular setting, and also extremely simple and quick to install.
It took only two days for three people to install a plant capable of producing 20 kWp of renewable energy!

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