I.T.E.M. Servizi - Alghero - Italy

I.T.E.M. Servizi

Alghero - Italy

23.7 kWp



When building a photovoltaic system it is essential to pay attention to a series of elements, in some cases the installation area of the plant is also a particularly important factor that must be taken into account in the drafting phase of the project.
The choice of the type of ballast to be used or the addition of particular accessories can in fact also be determined from this.
A high quality technical support, such as that provided by Sun Ballast, able to assess the specific needs of the area in which the photovoltaic system is installed is decisive not only in the installation phase but also during maintenance.

In this case our customer I.T.E.M. Servizi, who built their plant in a marine area typically characterized by strong winds, chose the ballasts of the Standard system to achieve their production objectives. They also chose to maximize the wind tightness of the system thanks to the Cablowind accessory, another product of the Sun Ballast technical department.

Cablowind is the Sun Ballast accessory, clearly visible in the photos, which performs not only the function of additional ballast but also that of a channel in which you can insert the cables and keep the entire system in order.
Efficiency and order can be easily achieved with the right means!

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