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The 6 kWp photovoltaic system shown in the photo was installed by HM3 Service Group s.r.l. on a gravel flat roof in Fiumicino (RM) using Sun Ballast ballasts for solar panels. These concrete mounting structures offer numerous advantages, starting with simplicity and reduced installation time: installation does not require any drilling on the roof, the fixing inserts are pre-installed in the concrete, and the installation is easy and quick on any type of flat surface.


The Single-Row system also allows for easy and flexible adjustment of both the row length and the distance between them, eliminating any complications even when there are many obstacles on the roof (chimneys, fans, skylights, etc.). The mounting structures of the Single-Row 10° system also allow the modules to be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation, and the most suitable type of mounting can be chosen based on the roof characteristics and system requirements.


Stability and weather resistance were ensured by adding the Cablowind system, visible on the rear of the ballasts: in this case, too, no drilling was required, and the metal guides for the channel are quickly fixed to the inserts already present in the rear of the structures. The Cablowind system acts as both an additional weight and a cable channel, further enhancing the system’s stability and providing the highest level of safety.

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