Green Effect - Kineta - Greece

Green Effect

Kineta - Greece

11 kWp



In a sector particularly full of variables and unexpected events such as the installation of photovoltaic systems, the ability to quickly and easily manage the various types of surfaces, the many types of panels and the many obstacles often present on roofs is certainly not a detail of little account.

Choosing simple and modular structures in fact means saving time, errors and effort, delivering reliable systems to your customers, built with professionalism and delivered within the agreed times.

Green Effect, our customer active in Greece, is well aware of this, and for this 11 KWp installation built in Kineta (Greece) it has combined the advantages of two different Sun Ballast solutions: the Vela system and the East-West one. In many cases, in fact, the flexibility of Sun Ballast structures makes it possible to integrate different systems, optimizing space management, increasing productivity levels and guaranteeing simplicity and speed even in managing obstacles.

On this roof – where there are skylights, air conditioners and rather high parapets – the East-West 11° system has made it possible to eliminate the distance between the rows, making the most of all the available space and all the hours of solar radiation; the integration with the Vela system (11.2 and 11.3) then made it possible – by raising the height of the side rows – to avoid possible shading caused by the parapet, ensuring the best efficiency of the panels and the highest overall efficiency of the system.

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