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Esse Solar Srl - Varese - Italy

Esse Solar Srl

Varese - Italy

200 kWp



Many industrial buildings have large and spacious flat roofs, and the photovoltaic systems installed on these surfaces often reach remarkable powers: the one mounted by Esse Solar on this building in Varese reaches in fact well 200KWp, a very high level of productivity obtained also thanks to the collaboration with the Sun Ballast Technical Office: for these large plants it is in fact essential that the dimensioning calculations are performed with precision and professionalism, that the load limits are carefully respected, and that the final system ensures high levels of reliability and efficiency.

Aware of the importance of these aspects, Sun Ballast offers a fast, competent and free technical assistance service, which offers constant support in all phases, starting from the dimensioning calculations.

Considering the specific characteristics of this system, and in order to optimize the available space, we opted for a double solution: the lightness and high resistance of the Connect 10 L system have been combined with the maximum flexibility of the Standard 10 L system; if the latter guarantees great versatility and ease of use in all situations, the Connect system, on the other hand, ensures a very high level of tightness to the atmospheric stresses arising from wind and snow: in this system the ballasts are interconnected in a single large collaborative grid, which distributes the loads along the entire grating perfectly balancing the weights on the surfaces.

A winning combination that ensures a reliable, efficient and extremely solid system.

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