Enersolare E.S.Co. S.r.l. - Roma - Italy
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Enersolare E.S.Co. S.r.l.

Roma - Italy

4.5 kWp



When you don’t have space problems on the roof and you want a strong system that doesn’t cause excessive damage to the installation surface, the Connect system is the best choice.

Its unique and innovative lattice structure, in which the rows of modules are connected to each other, makes the whole system highly wind-resistant as confirmed by rigorous tests carried out in the wind tunnel.

In addition, after careful sizing calculations carried out by the Sun Ballast technical office, our customer Enersolare E.S.Co. S.r.l. has chosen to maximize wind resistance by adding the appropriate additional weights. These weights do not need to be attached to the ballasts, but can be inserted directly inside them thanks to their U shape.

Resistance, light weight, simplicity and speed of installation are the characteristics that have convinced Enersolare E.S.Co. S.r.l. and thousands of other customers, and that have allowed them to spend only a few hours building a plant that generates 4.5 kWp of renewable energy.

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