Energie Verte Maison - Hérimoncourt - Francia

Energie Verte Maison

Hérimoncourt - Francia

8.69 kWp



Even in a small space it is possible to install a photovoltaic system capable of producing the energy necessary for the self-sufficiency of the house on which it is realized.
Thanks to Sun Ballast that can be installed independently, it is very simple to create an efficient system, managing to make the most of all the space available on the roof, and in addition it is not absolutely necessary to drill holes in the roof to fix the ballasts, this does not it only allows easy maintenance of the system but also avoids possible water infiltrations.

The ballasts of Standard system are among the popular ones thanks to their extreme versatility but also thanks to the wide range of inclinations. In this case our customer Energie Verte Maison has chosen, in agreement with our technical office, the ballasts with an inclination of 20 ° to create this system capable of producing up to 6.2 KWc of green energy.

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