ENERGIA PARTNER - Tallin - Estonia


Tallin - Estonia

144.9 kWp



An installation of significant dimensions was created in Tallinn, Estonia, by our trusted partner Energia Partner, thanks to the use of Sun Ballast photovoltaic module supports.

In particular, the ballasts of the Connect 15° system were chosen, a system formed as if it were a single block of concrete elements, one connected to the other, with a front ballast, a central one and a terminal one. This shape allows great advantages such as speed and simplicity of installation – times reduced by 70% – wind resistance and maintains limited loads on the roof.

The latter is a fundamental characteristic for sheathed roofs such as those which, for the most part, cover the flat roofs of warehouses or industrial establishments. The sheath is a particular material that covers the surfaces and protects them, making them waterproof.
In fact, since our ballasts are simply placed without having to be fixed to the ground to make them solid, they are ideal for maintaining their characteristics and avoiding water infiltration.

Sun Ballast is the optimal choice, the result is a photovoltaic system with guaranteed resistance and practicality, capable of producing up to 144.9 kwp of renewable energy.

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