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15 kWp


Resistance, efficiency and versatility are the characteristics that best describe this photovoltaic system
built by Elettrica Service S.r.l. with the Standard Sun Ballast system at an inclination of 30° with the aim of being able to autonomously self-produce clean energy.

The choice of the Standard system for this installation on a ground covered with gravel in the middle of the green was optimal, precisely because of its advantageous versatility.
When using this system, the installation of the panels is very free: the rows can be interrupted at any time and it is thus possible to easily bypass any obstacles or shading on the roof that could hinder the effectiveness of the system.

In addition, the system’s already very high wind resistance has been made even more solid thanks to the use of our 30 kg “U” weights, resting directly on the ballast to increase its wind resistance without the need for new drilled holes.

The Sun Ballast Technical Office was, like every time, a source of crucial support for our customer, who was able to quickly and easily set up a very high-performing photovoltaic system, capable of producing up to 15 kWp of renewable energy.

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