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Duregon srl - Treviso - Italy

Duregon srl

Treviso - Italy

28 kWp



Achieving productive goals with minimal available space due to extensive obstacles might seem like a challenge, but with the ballasts of the Sun Ballast Vela System these challenges are never a problem.

This is precisely the system that our Technical Department selected for our client Duregon srl, using an inclination of 5°. The rows of panels are connected to one another so as not to leave any empty space unused, maximally optimising the available space on the whole installation surface. At the same time, it is easy to interrupt these rows to get around obstacles and adapt to the available area.

The Vela system is as quick and easy to install as all other Sun Ballast systems, and it is perfect even when the roof, like in this example, is covered with gravel. The Vela system provides the stability, strength and solidity necessary for the construction of a beautiful and efficient photovoltaic system: in this case, one capable of producing up to 28 kWp of renewable energy.

Thanks to Sun Ballast and our Technical Department, every initial requirement was met.

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