Dolomiti Energia solutions S.r.l. - Rovereto - Italy

Dolomiti Energia solutions S.r.l.

Rovereto - Italy

35.035 kWp



91 modules of 385 Wp to realize a beautiful installation created by our customer Dolomiti Energia Solutions, on the flat roof of this car dealership. A way to provide the structure with all the energy it needs by drawing directly from the sun’s rays. The project, carried out by our technical department, was designed taking into account the peculiarities of the roof which has various obstacles and shaded areas due to the presence of fireplaces and parapets. For this reason, the choice fell on the Standard 11 ° k ballast, Sun Ballast structure that encloses the right balance between weight and wind resistance. The speed of installation of Sun Ballast structures, which do not require holes on the roof to be fixed, and their versatility during installation, have made it possible to create this photovoltaic system capable of producing about 35.035 kWp of clean energy.

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