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100.98 kWp



The fields of application of Sun Ballast are so many, ideal for installation on green roofs, on the ground, on surfaces covered with sheathing, on slightly sloping roofs and also, as in the case of this installation, on flat surfaces covered with gravel. This versatility is given by the fact that all Sun Ballast structures do not need to be fixed to the floor or roof. In this case, our customer Defisolar chose, supported by the Sun Ballast technical office, to use the ballasts of Connect system to realize this important plant capable of producing up to 100.98 kWp of green energy.

The main feature of Connect system is its high resistance to wind actions due to its particular structure formed by three ballasts linked together. Connect system, in addition to making the entire system extremely stable, also manages to modulate itself according to the needs of the roof, managing to easily avoid all obstacles thanks to the possibility of interrupting the rows of panels.

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