Clean Energy Service Snc - Corato - Italy

Clean Energy Service Snc

Corato - Italy

7 kWp



The Standard Sun Ballast system, our Cablowind accessory and additional 30 kg “U” weights are a perfect combination that has allowed our customer Clean Energy Service Snc to build this beautiful photovoltaic system.

The inclination of 5° was a targeted choice selected by our technicians to avoid any shading due to the presence of parapets.
The Standard system has a wide range of ballast inclinations, from 0° to 35°, and is the most versatile among the Sun Ballast systems as it allows for significant freedom of installation.

It also boasts high wind resistance which, in this specific case, has been further increased thanks to the use of additional weights resting on the ballast and to Cablowind, our dual function channel: this accessory is useful for the correct accommodation of the cables and with an additional ballast function to ensure further stability.

The solidity, versatility and ease of installation of our structures compared to traditional ones have allowed the construction of this photovoltaic system capable of producing up to 7 kWp of renewable energy.

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