C&C Elettro Impianti - Igea Marina (RN)

C&C Elettro Impianti

Igea Marina (RN)

11.73 kWp

In the beautiful Riviera Romagnola, not far from the sea, the production of clean energy becomes almost an obligation, especially if it is a hotel that does it that in this way can meet the consumption needs of customers .
And to solve the problem of limited space on the roof, our customer C&C Elettro Impianti chose the 5 ° Sail-shaped system as the structure of the photovoltaic system with a production capacity of 11.73 kWp.
Thanks to Sun Ballast structures it is not necessary to leave space between the rows of solar panels so it is possible to optimize all the space available, as can be seen from the beautiful aerial photos taken on the installation

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