BS AUTOMAZIONI SNC - Mantova - Italy


Mantova - Italy

5 kWp

The ballasts of the Vela Sun Ballast system at a 5° inclination were chosen by our technical department during the design phase for the construction of a photovoltaic system on a small flat roof with very limited space.

The main feature of this system is that there is no space between the rows, which is why the panels are mounted consecutively, making it the best solution for cases of limited available space while still managing to reach the maximum power levels. In fact, its main advantage is that combination of space optimization and maximum efficiency.

However, this is not its only advantage. Although the system can be composed of a maximum of 3 or 6 consecutive rows, if there are obstacles on the roof such as skylights or chimneys or for any maintenance, the system is modular – eliminating for example any panels.
Before placing the ballast on the sheath cover, it is possible to position the protective sheaths supplied in order to protect the surface and keep the waterproofing properties of the sheath unaltered.

Thanks to Sun Ballast, our customer BS AUTOMAZIONI SNC was able to build a photovoltaic system of 5kWp of renewable energy.

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